9 to 5 The Musical Review

Recommended Age: 12+
By: Suzanne England
Date: April 2019

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9 to 5 The Musical @ Savoy Theatre, London

I haven’t seen the 9to5 film, so I had no preconceptions, but let’s face it, who doesn’t love a bit of 80’s cheese right?

Set in an office where men have the power and women are underestimated.
A light-hearted take on a more serious issue.

I was an Eternal fan growing up so Louise was a little bonus for me, her voice wasn’t quite as strong as her co-stars but she was great in her role.
I grew up watching Brian – it’s a puppet- Conley – who was fab, a perfect casting!
The other two leading ladies were absolutely fantastic, Amber Davis has a beautiful voice. But the standout performance came from Natalie McQueen who was so sparky,
she lit the stage up every time she appeared.
Special mention for Bonnie Langford whose solo number was a real showstopper!!

The whole performance was non-stop naughtiness with laugh out loud moments galore. The cast seemed to be really enjoying themselves too, it was such a happy room to be in.

The set was very cool and the old School computer screens surrounding the stage added an extra something to the whole production and were used to great effect.

Age recommendation 12+
There was lots of sexual references and some swearing which might go over young one’s heads but something to note before taking children. Might also be a bit of parental embarrassment.
IMO It’s more a couples or girls/boys’ night out kind of show but each to their own.
The story some might view as dated. set in an 80’s office environment, essentially the show is about, sexism, gender equality, sex and girl power, so very relevant today. However, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Personally, I found it a whole lot of fun, it had a real fun feel good atmosphere from start to finish.

Our seats were stalls Row G seats 10 & 11, We were so so happy with our seats, they must be some of the best seats in the house.
The leg room was fantastic even for a tall person with long legs like my husband.

I had a walk around and the view from the back of the stalls is great Too. The back row has good view and is no doubt cheaper. We would happily sit here, although there is one brief part of the show that may be difficult to see from here? no spoilers, but if you duck you would be fine.

There was a lady on the front row really struggling with her view. She kept trying to dodge the conductor and she didn’t come back to her seat after the interval. Maybe an area to avoid?

We really enjoyed the whole Dollytastic colourful crazy experience, big hair, bold suits and plenty of belly laughs.
We would happily watch it again and will certainly return to the beautiful savoy theatre in the future.

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