Magic Goes Wrong Review

Recommended Age: 10+
By: Emily Flett
Date: December 2019


MAGIC GOES WRONG @ Vaudeville Theatre

A little late I know but we went to see Magic Goes Wrong just before Christmas. I loved every second of it! I’m a huge fan of anything Mischief does and Magic truly lives up to the tried and tested Mischief formula.
It’s slightly similar to play that goes wrong and Peter Pan, it’s not a show put on by the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society, it is instead a Magic show starring various performers which inevitably “goes wrong” spectacularly!
It does have a lovely little underlying storyline to it which has a bittersweet edge, giving the show more depth than just a variety show of different acts. The absolute stand out for us was the mind mangler, Henry Lewis, one of the original mischief crew and writers.
His interactions with the audience are pure comedy genius and show what an amazingly talented and clever performer he is. Absolutely nothing phases him and he has a comeback for literally anything thrown at him.

The show is full of Penn and Tellers influence, you can almost see them guiding the tricks but then the sheer delight when they go wrong, but right, is wonderful. We laughed from the minute they stepped on stage and I’m still remembering it now. Some of the tricks have left me utterly baffled and I so desperately want to know how they do them!
There is one scene, no spoilers, that is a little gory. Things really do go catastrophically wrong in this one!

The vaudeville is a lovely theatre, we sat central stalls and had an amazing view. What is good for this show is there are screens up so you can see any close ups you need to from anywhere you sit. I’ve sat in the dress before (back row) and the legroom is fab and nicely raked. It seems to be well raked everywhere so I would think the view will be good almost anywhere.
The toilets are few are far between so expect long queues, go for a wee beforehand and don’t drink too much whilst you’re there! They do have water jugs on every level so you can help yourself.

If you love Mischief this will have everything you expect from the crew plus much, much more

Age: I think 10+
I think young boys would be fine with the gruesomeness, my small and noisy was quite revolted and she’s 12. Penn and teller are quite graphic anyway, so if your little ones would be ok with a knife through the hand type of stuff then it’s perfect for them, if they would struggle with a couple of fake blood scenes then best take the older ones.
We loved it so much small and noisy wants to go again and sit front row to be “in” the action.




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