Mary Poppins Review

Recommended Age: 6+
By: Suzanne England
Date: November 2019


MARY POPPINS @ The Prince Edward Theatre

I absolutely love Mary Poppins the film but hadn’t seen it on stage before so was already willing it to be great.

It didn’t disappoint.

A classic story of a disjointed family needing a little magic to bring them back together.

The whole cast was brilliant, Zizi Strallen was delightful as Mary Poppins, although I’m not the biggest fan of her voice. You can’t help but compare her to Julie Andrews (which is very unfair).
There was plenty of magic and wonderful music and dancing throughout. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious being a personal highlight, so powerful and colourful.
The children were both fantastic such great young talent, and very funny.
Charlie Stemp was wonderful as Burt, so light on his feet and he sang beautifully.

The costumes were stunning, Mary’s ever changing outfits were practically perfect and the clever staging meant the magic was not lost.

If I was being really picky then the 1st half an hour or so was a bit slow but it just kept getting better.

Age recommendation. 6+
The age recommendation for this show has been increased, I believe due to a scary scene. I think sat down in the stalls it probably would be quite scary for little ones although not prolonged. I don’t think it would seem so scary from higher up, but if yours are easy frightened or don’t like puppets it’s best to be aware.

We booked the dress circle slips seats 3 & 4 which are the furthest from the stage.
These seats are on a raised area just before the grand circle box. The seats are fixed to the floor one in front of the other facing the stage with a soft wall to lean on. Leg room was fab as you could put your feet along side the seat in front.

The view was fantastic, Very clear, closer than you would think and we didn’t miss a thing. The view would be equally good either side too. We had a fantastic vantage point for the final moments too. (No spoilers).
There is 2 doors between the slips and the box but if you go through and past the box there is a single toilet, meaning you can avoid the very long queue.

We went as a couple on a whim but will definitely be going again with the kids.


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