The Book Of Mormon Review

Recommended Age: 16+
By: Emily Flett
Date: January 2019


We went to see Book of Mormon last night, I was very lucky and got tickets from my dear old Pa for my upcoming birthday.

It’s a lovely theatre just off Leicester Square.
We had great seats, row B in the stalls. the stalls are well raked so I couldn’t see a bad spot, the circle also looked roomy. the usher confirmed that the slips can be a little tight but central circle is nice and roomy too.

Toilets in theatres aren’t usually something to write home about, in fact they’re normally rather bad and best ignored, but I have to say they were lovely and even had nice quilted toilet paper! I’m so sorry, I’ve never reviewed toilet paper before but for quilted I thought it was worth a mention.

The show started and for the first couple of songs I thought ooh our daughter would actually be ok with this. Then they arrived in Uganda and I quickly changed my mind! I won’t go into the story line here, it is offensive, vulgar, offensive and did I mention offensive …… but sooooo funny. It’s one of those shows that makes you wince and want to watch through your hands but it’s so cringeworthy that you kind of enjoy being offended. It’s written by the makers of South Park so that should give you an indication of the humour. Yes it crosses many lines, and in some places it doesn’t just cross the line it moonwalks over the line gesticulating wildly as it goes! I will never be able to hear the doorbell ring in quite the same way and although I was shocked I loved almost every second of it! It is a wonderful satire of pretty much everything that is politically incorrect and no one is safe not even Nigel Farage.

Would I take my daughter, absolutely not! She’s 11 and got quite sophisticated tastes, No amount of slightly risqué theatre would prepare her for the Mormons though! If she was older, maybe, but I would really need to judge it at the time. This show has an age recommendation of 16 for a reason.

We had a fantastic night out, the theatre was incredible and the show very very funny. It does come with a warning and if you go prepare to be shocked, laugh, cringe and laugh some more. Would I go again, absolutely! Would I take my parents, no!


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